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Our client was in a relationship with a New Zealand citizen who was due to give birth. He had previously lived in New Zealand as a student, where he met his partner, but had returned to Singapore after becoming unlawful. The client and his partner had been living together in Singapore; when the partner became pregnant she returned to New Zealand to give birth with her family. They applied for work and residence visas on the basis of partnership, but Immigration New Zealand declined his work visa application on the basis that the relationship was not genuine and stable, and the client was likely to become unlawful as he had done previously.


The client came to us after the work visa was declined. We challenged the decision of Immigration New Zealand under the Client Complaints Resolutions Process by highlighting the flawed processing of the work visa application. The Branch Manager reversed the decision 24 hours after receiving our complaint. The client was able to travel to New Zealand and was present at the birth of his child. He is now awaiting the issue of residence on the basis of partnership. 

“I am very grateful to the team at Idesi Legal for their exceptional efforts to work with NZ Immigration to allow me to join my wife in New Zealand just in time to witness the birth of our first born! 

“I was desperately in need of assistance with my visa application as it was rather complicated with my past history of overstaying while I was studying in NZ years ago, but Idesi Legal made the whole process very easy for me! I was ecstatic to hear that my visa application had been approved after so many failed application attempts, and in such a short period of time after contacting Idesi Legal as well. Big thanks to Kamil and her team!” 

Nick, Kirstie and Baby Emma 

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