• “Me and my wife, Rukumani are extremely grateful and sincerely thank you and your staff for your services in acquiring the Work Permits for us.  We were on the verge of being deported but luckily we were referred to you, on time by my elder brother, Dhanjyen Naidu and your liaison with NZ Immigration enabled us to get the Work Visa on time.  We were lucky to stay and witness the wedding of our only daughter and also live here along with our three other adult children and a grandson. Once again Kamil-- much appreciated. God Bless You and your family”

    Navaneed K. Naidu & Rukumani Naidu (Mrs), Fiji
  • “After declining my residency application by INZ, I consulted couple of professionals as to see what my next step would be. I was really disappointed and confused. I have not been guided correctly by any immigration advisers. " “In the meantime, I had the telephone number of Kamil Lakshman given to me by a friend. At that desperate time, I thought of speaking to her. Her approach to my case in the first consultation was unbelievable and gave me positive hope.  She started with extended work visa, EOI and residence application. In this process she advised us not to get stressed and trust in her work. Finally we got our residency on 26th of September, 2014. " “Long story short, the significance of getting this residency was that the same job offer, same employer and the same contract was used in the first application as well as the second application lodged by Kamil. Second time round, the application was approved. This shows her professional experience and the courageous approach towards her applicants. "“My recommendation is to those who seeking for immigration advice, Kamil Lakshman and her team comes first. " “A big thank you to Kamil and her team for their hard work and professional service given”.

    Surain De Silva and family
  • “I am really impressed by the service provided by you guys. As I was in critical condition in my work visa, you guys really did hard work to get my visa. Thank you so much Kamil and Sam”

    Gurinderpal Singh Bajwa
  • "Brilliant team, best in its best to work with, saviour of my sinking boat. It has been pleasure to work with you guys, I lost all my hope but Kamil and team fought hard for my Mum case and came back with a victory"

  • “Finally, after five years, I get my residency. All credit goes to Kamil Lakshman and her team (Sam). Thank you very much for everything. Getting residency was a nightmare before I met Idesi Legal. Things were smooth and I was surprised how it came so easily. Thanks again”

  • "After much confusion and many questions unanswered, Kamil was the expert necessary to answer questions regarding immigration. One of our stumbling blocks to gaining residency in New Zealand was to obtain it without a job, which we did thanks to the knowledgeable help of Kamil. We would have never waded through the regulations and “fine print” without her help."

    JaVayne Jenkins, USA
  • “Kamil Lakshman and her team at Idesi have been life saviours for me. Getting a letter of decline from INZ on my Work Visa extension was a significant blow to career as well as my future in NZ.  Right from the minute I explained the case to Kamil, she promptly started assembling information from all sources to support my application, including calling INZ and discussing the issue with my case officer.   “She always has a friendly approach and her knowledge in the line of work is beyond compare.  From the day I handed over my case to Kamil to the day I got an extension granted by INZ, she always kept assuring me to have faith in her, and to be honest, she was absolutely right. Kamil has got the knowledge, expertise, dedication, and the experience required to deal with the most difficult of INZ cases. Her quality of work is second to none - she can achieve results”

    Rushya Bhatt, India
    Rushya Bhatt, India
  • Kamil and the team at Idesi Legal really helped me with my immigration case. My case was one in a million- I thought I was too old to get my residence, but Kamil and her team came up with an effective strategy, which got me the result I longed for.  “Idesi Legal was easy to approach and gave me very clear guidelines on what they needed, what to expect, and what was happening. I commend them on their punctuality, and easy communication. Given the level of service I received and the quality of the result, I would say that this was money well spent.  “Being Indian, I recommend all Indians use Idesi Legal. If you need clear guidelines on immigration or any other problem- Kamil is one of the best in New Zealand.”

    Deepak Kapasi, Wellington
  • Really surprised I am, well done Kamil Lakshman and Sam also, all team of Idesi Legal. I got my Residence because of your hard work and support, when the chances were 1%. Finally I got it, because of you guys. I am really very happy. " “I am working in Franchise (Pizza Hut) as RGM, these days it is very hard to get Residency from Franchises, or so the rumours are. All I can say is that I still got my Residency because I was in the right hands”.

  • “Idesi Legal rescued our family from an incredibly stressful and hopeless-looking immigration situation and delivered an outcome that surpassed our expectations. As a Kiwi who had returned from abroad with a family born overseas in tow I discovered too late that one adopted son was in a different legal category to my other children and was effectively stateless."“We tried "immigration specialists" to no avail until being referred to Idesi by a legal friend. Within days the team at Idesi had devised a strategy and a way forward through what had seemed an impenetrable wall of Government departments. Their expertise in interpreting statute and lobbying on our behalf was incredible. Our expectations were that we may face a 5-year process but within 9 months we had a residency visa and now almost exactly one year later my son has been granted full citizenship." “The team were always on the ball, fast-moving but above all were truly empathetic to our situation and always acted with great sensitivity. Kamil gave enormous support when we most needed it and her peerless legal mind is only matched by her deep interpersonal skills. She is backed by an impressive team. My wife and I could not recommend Idesi Legal highly enough."

    Peter Fletcher-Dobson
  • On behalf of my family I would like to wish you and your company a Happy 13th Birthday! We specifically congratulate you and your company for your successful service delivery in and outside New Zealand. Your presence and continued growth as a company in New Zealand is a testimony to your competence in delivering quality and customer friendly services of which my family and I are witness to. Let me and my family join the many satisfied customers you have handled over the years to wish you and your company all the best for many years to come!

    Justin Nguma, Tanzania
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