Our team of immigration law specialists have considerable expertise in assisting clients to navigate the bureaucratic hurdles of the New Zealand immigration process. For these clients, working through the New Zealand immigration process would have been otherwise challenging.

We can help you whether you wish to move to New Zealand for work, study or business, or if you merely wish to visit our beautiful country. We specialise in complex cases but are also prepared to handle routine matters.

On your behalf, we will work with the relevant branch of Immigration New Zealand to ensure that all requirements are met and information is presented in the best way possible for a positive outcome.

As a law firm, we observe ethical guidelines and the code of conduct governed by the New Zealand Law Society. As lawyers we are exempted from the Immigration Advisors regime under the Immigration Advisors Licensing Act 2007.

We take the worry and stress out of the New Zealand Immigration process

Principal Lawyer

Kamil Lakshman


Kamil Lakshman is IDESI LEGAL Limited’s Principal Lawyer, with years of experience in Immigration Law.

As Kamil Lakshman has lead civil aid status, we can assist our clientele with legally aided cases, such as Refugee Asylum claim and Appeals to the Immigration Protection Tribunals among others.

Mrs Lakshman holds a prominent position in the extended Wellington community. She is often asked to serve on Governmental consultation groups on migrant and refugee matters. She is an influential member in many Refugee and Migrant communities and has chaired many boards.

Mrs Lakshman is long standing member of the New Zealand Law Society’s Wellington Immigration and Refugee Law Committee, she is now the committee Convenor for the last two years and her membership of the National Immigration and Refugee Law Reform committee has been renewed for another term. She is also a member of the Wellington Chamber of Commerce, the New Zealand Association of Immigration Professionals, and the New Zealand Association for Migration and Investment. She also represents the New Zealand Law Society on  Immigration New Zealand’s reference group ,which consults on wider Immigration issues.

She writes regular columns and articles regarding immigration related issues and hosts a weekly radio program “Koffee with Kamil”, discussing pertinent issues in relation to New Zealand Immigration Law.

Mrs Lakshman initially completed a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Education from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. After which she worked for many years in the Ministry of Education as a Divisional Manager. At this stage she commenced and completed her Diploma in Corporate Management and Masters in Business Administration in International Management. She then went on to complete her LLB from Victoria University of Wellington. She was admitted to the New Zealand High Court as Barrister and Solicitor in 2000.

She is often involved with various issues arising in Immigration related areas and has a passion for representing those that have been wronged. Mrs Lakshman has organised multiple humanitarian appeals to aid Fiji relief efforts. She has a spiritual bent including enjoying yoga, meditation.

As co-coordinator of “Mamta”, an Asian Women’s group she has successfully lobbied the New Zealand Government on many migrant issues. Te-Papa, the New Zealand National Museum has benefited from her input in regards to the “Aainaa – Indian Wedding in New Zealand” exhibition and also in a series of ongoing lectures and forums.

Barrister & Solicitor

Darius Shahtahmasebi


Darius Shahtahmasebi graduated from the University of Otago in 2013 with an LLB and a BA in Japanese. He was admitted to the High Court of New Zealand as a Barrister and Solicitor in April 2015.

Darius then went on to become admitted in the Supreme Court of Samoa in October 2015 while working as State Solicitor for the Office of the Attorney General. He later worked as the Principal Legal Analyst at the Samoa Law Reform Commission between 2016 and 2017 before going into private legal practice where he handled a range of general practice work including criminal, family, administration, just to name a few.

Darius joined IDESI LEGAL in June 2018 as an up and coming Immigration and Refugee Barrister and Solicitor. He is excited to have found a role which he primarily sees as benefiting people who will often be in vulnerable positions, such as refugees and deportees.

Darius is passionate about human rights, immigration law and international law. He is an internationally recognised writer who often speaks out on issues surrounding human rights and humanitarianism.

Barrister & Solicitor

Saska Hayes


Saska is a Barrister and Solicitor at IDESI LEGAL.

She graduated from Waikato University with a conjoint degree of a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Media and Creative Technologies at the end of 2015. She went on to complete a Masters of Laws in 2016. Her focus was International Law including Refugee Conventions and a comparative Immigration policy study from countries such as Norway, United States of America, Australia including New Zealand.

Saska volunteered with refugees and migrants over the course of her studies and has hands on experience with refugee resettlement.

After her graduation Saska went on to practise in a general practise for a brief period before joining Idesi Legal.

She is a migrant herself and has empathy and compassion with her clients.

Barrister & Solicitor

Dr Kai-Cheung Leung

BSc(Hons), BA(Hons), LLB, PhD

Dr Leung is a graduate from University of Auckland. He is admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor to the High Court in New Zealand and to the Supreme Court of Victoria, Australia.

Prior to joining IDESI LEGAL, he worked in a general practice law firm specializing in conveyancing, wills, power of attorney, trust, estate planning, as well as small and medium business commercial law.

Dr Leung is excited to work in the Immigration and Refugee Law field and is passionate about it. He himself is a migrant from China having settled here when he was young and has first-hand experience of a migrants plight.

Dr Leung comes from a diverse background having studied and excelled in many areas particularly in the field of Science. He brings his wide knowledge base, expertise and a fine mind to this representative role.

He views this role as benefiting people who will often be in vulnerable positions and difficult positions, such as refugees and deportees, as well as migrant workers and international students.

Barrister & Solicitor

Paolo Antonio Timajo


Paolo is a young upcoming Immigration Lawyer with a diverse background including sales, governmental and volunteer services amongst other areas of law.

Paolo graduated from the University of Otago with a Bachelor of Laws and has been admitted to the High Court of New Zealand.

In addition he has a Bachelor of Arts in Geography and a Diploma in Travel and Tourism.

Prior to joining IDESI LEGAL, Paolo worked in Family Law. Paolo’s previous experience and skill base enables him to tackle a diverse range of issues.

His friendly manner and engaging outlook helps clients relax despite the situation being stressful and urgent. He is methodical and takes his role responsibly to deliver the outcome the client desires.

Paolo comes from the Philippines having migrated with his family to New Zealand at a very young age. He possesses client empathy with an implicit understanding and an innate appreciation of the pressures faced by Idesi Legal clientele. Paolo recognises the many fold issues faced by a migrant family transitioning into New Zealand.

Paolo enjoys being involved in community projects. He has undertaken volunteer work at an orphanage and leadership roles in the field of sports.

Legal Officer

Shaheen Paul

BCom, DipBus, LLB

Shaheen  moved to New Zealand 16 years ago from Mumbai, India.  In 2007 she completed Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Management, Human Resources and Industrial Relations from Victoria University of Wellington . She gained valued experience by working for Crown entities, public and private sectors in providing esteemed advice in the field of human resources, recruitment and career guidance.

Prior to joining Idesi Legal, Shaheen owned and operated several businesses in diverse sectors and, alongside being a solo mum she has completed her LLB whilst also serving an internship at IDESI LEGAL as well as being key in running her own business.

Shaheen is passionate about all facets of law and has chosen to invest her efforts in the area of immigration and refugee law.  She is extremely astute at reading a situation and finding value in information that may otherwise have been passed over as irrelevant.  With her natural empathy and  left field, lateral thinking, Shaheen brings with her a wealth of life experience and knowledge that has already proven to be invaluable to several of our clientele. Over time, she has created a successful rapport amongst work colleagues and in the community.

Shaheen has also, in her spare time,  aligned herself with Amnesty International and is a contributing member of the local group in Birkenhead, Auckland.

Legal Secretary

April Dawn Anito


April is Idesi Legal’s central point of contact for all matters.

April has a law degree and a Bachelor of Arts from the Philippines. She has a diverse work background including property law, administrative and call centre environment.

April is tasked with client care and overview of all client files and is well equipped as she is understanding the plight of a person seeking representation having been a migrant herself. She undertakes this role with great sincerity, has empathy for the IDESI LEGAL clients and is our go to person.

She ensures timely communication and makes things happen in her calm and pleasant manner.

Law Clerk

Norhan El Sanjak

Norhan is a Law Clerk at IDESI LEGAL.

She is currently in her last year of studying at University of Otago towards a double degree in a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Science.

Norhan has volunteered and previously worked with refugees and migrants over the course of her studies with various organisations such as the Red Cross, Ministry of Education and the Southern District Health Board.

She is passionate and excited to work in the Immigration and Refugee Law field.

Norhan is a migrant herself, who settled here from Egypt and thus understands first hand the experience migrants face.

She is a valued member of the Idesi Legal team.

Legal Intern

Ashley Singh

Ashley is a legal intern at IDESI LEGAL. 

She is a New Zealand born Fiji-indian with a love for her Indian heritage and culture. 

Ashley is currently in her fourth year of study at Victoria University of Wellington. She is studying towards a conjoint degree of Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor in Commerce. 

Ashley is passionate about helping those who are in difficult and vulnerable situations. 

She has a keen interest in immigration and refugee law, is the youngest member of our team and always has a smile to give.

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