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A non-New Zealander can apply for a temporary work visa under Accredited Employer work policy if he/she has a job offer from an accredited New Zealand Employer and the accredited employer has completed a job check. Visas granted under this policy will specify the occupation and employer where the person must work.

If you are a partner of a New Zealand citizen or resident, a Partnership work visa can enable you to work for any employer in New Zealand.
A person may be granted a visa to work in New Zealand temporarily for a specific purpose or event such as a tournament or show. Specific purpose or event visas also specify an occupation and employer.

If you are young, highly qualified and living overseas then a work visa under the Silver Fern Work category might be the right option for you.

This policy allows young people who have recognised qualifications to secure a nine month Job Search Work Visa for New Zealand and find skilled employment here. A quota has been set limiting places available per year to a maximum of 300 visas.

Students may also be granted a temporary work visa of up to 12 months duration after completion of their studies. All international students who complete a New Zealand qualification that would qualify for points under the Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) have the opportunity to apply for a Post-study work visa (open), which does not specify an occupation or employer to allow the person to find work relevant to their qualification.

They have to apply for the visa within three months after the end date of their student visa and would have to meet all relevant requirements, including evidence of sufficient funds to maintain their stay for the 12-month period. Once they have found a job, they can apply for a further work visa for up to two or three years under the Study to Work Category.

If you are in the process of applying for a work visa and have received a Potential Prejudicial Information (PPI) letter from Immigration New Zealand, then please contact us today for assistance as we have on numerous occasions successfully resolved these cases.

Our team are highly skilled and we have the expertise to assist in all types of work visas.

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