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Employer Accreditation – If you are an employer you need to act now!

In order to employ an overseas person you need to be accredited.

Don’t leave it to chance. IDESI LEGAL have already successfully guided employers through the accreditation process.

IDESI LEGAL can assist you. The team of immigration lawyers at IDESI LEGAL in Wellington has the training and experience to help with all types of New Zealand residency visa applications. Call us on 04 461 6018.

IDESI LEGAL is a specialist, reputable and experienced boutique Immigration Law firm with a national presence with offices in Wellington, Auckland and Dunedin, New Zealand. Idesi Legal specialises in the fields of Immigration and Refugee Law and also has Property arm to its practice.

The IDESI brand was established in 2004.

Our immigration lawyers undertake to act in a professional manner, providing you with the very best in high quality, personalised and ethical service.

If you are in New Zealand or are intending to relocate to New Zealand, our immigration law practice has the expertise to assist you. You may wish to migrate and settle, or you may be looking to invest or study in New Zealand. IDESI LEGAL can provide you with all the support you need.

We have a high success rate with applications and many years of experience, and we can smooth this process for you.

Having a North and South Island presence, and given the inquires come as far as Stewart Island within New Zealand, IDESI LEGAL has a definite pulse on the New Zealand Immigration and Refugee Law scene and has a wide coverage as our legal team also services international clientele.

All of our staff are highly skilled and has a legal background, so you can be assured that you are in very capable hands. We can alleviate anxiety by dealing with key government departments on your behalf, and we will personally guide you through the visa application process each step of the way.

Our immigration lawyers have a personal and individual approach; we do not tell you what you want to hear but discuss with you the true prospects of your case. We do not dangle carrots, as is fashionable, or give a percentage chance of success, because that would be a guess in the dark. Instead we identify what the risks are with your case and we look at how to mitigate them. We give a reality check and develop immigration strategies to mitigate the risks you face.

At IDESI LEGAL we realise that immigration is a stressful process for many people. Lodging an immigration application is time consuming and often confusing, and application fees are by no means cheap. Our aim is to provide a complete package of services, to remove anxiety and make the process easier for you and your family.

You are in good hands with IDESI LEGAL. We are known throughout New Zealand for rescuing clients from very difficult situations and for providing solutions.

We are a talented team of lawyers who can assist with the following:

  • Acting on behalf of clients overseas and in New Zealand
  • All types of New Zealand Visa Applications
  • New Zealand employers recruiting migrants
  • Sorting visa problems (PPL letters and visa revocation)
  • Declined visas, complaints and complex cases
  • Section 61 requests for people unlawfully in New Zealand
  • Deportation orders and detention issues
  • All types of appeals (legally aided for some)
  • Refugee asylum and family reunification cases
  • New Zealand Citizenship

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 How can we help you?

Correct Strategy

 Immigration Strategy is crucial to get the desired immigration result. Risk analysis is key. The choice of which immigration application to make first, what steps are needed, and in which sequence, will play an important part in getting your visa application successfully approved.

Correct Lodgement

Simply filling and lodging immigration forms, without careful consideration of the consequences, is a recipe for disaster. For instance, one wrong tick or answer on immigration forms can lead to a failed visa application. In fact, it can jeopardise all your future visa applications. We have the expertise to avoid this from happening.

Correct Submissions

Each case is different. A decision maker still needs to be persuaded, despite professional immigration advice and complete supporting documentation. We are experts in making correct submissions to significantly increase the likelihood of success in getting your visa approved.

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