Country of Origin: Chile 


Pedro had been fruitlessly trying to obtain residence for almost a decade before he came to Idesi Legal Limited. Without knowledge of immigration law or Immigration New Zealand’s Operational Manual, Pedro was forced to try over and over again with no success. This was a frustrating waste of both time and money for Pedro, a football coach from Chile, whose pay rate was not sufficient for Immigration New Zealand to be satisfied that he met the requirements to be a Skilled Migrant.


Idesi Legal helped Immigration New Zealand to understand different interpretations of “income”, enabling Pedro and family to finally achieve their dream of becoming New Zealand residents. Pedro and has family are now happily settled in Wellington, New Zealand. Pedro continues to coach football. 

IDESI Legal - Immigration Specialists

“From the moment that I walk into Idesi Legal office Kamil and her staff make me welcome and with such confidence they told me that they can help me. Since we start the process Kamil always was in touch with me, telling me what I need to do and helping me at any way that she can help. 

In my first meeting with Kamil she told me that this process will take about a year and believe me a year later they call me saying CONGRATULATIONS Pedro you are now a NZ resident! It was the happiest day in my life and time here in New Zealand. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kamil and her staff for the hard work that she did for me and my family” 

Pedro Garcias, Chile

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