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The client was aged over 56 years old when he applied for residence, on the basis of his skilled employment as a mental health worker. The age limit for a Skilled Migrant application is 56. He would therefore ordinarily be considered too old to apply for residence under the Skilled Migrant category.

We wrote to the Minister to request a waiver of the age limit for Skilled Migrant Applications. The Minister agreed that the client’s contribution to the healthcare industry was exceptional, and issued a waiver of the age requirement.

Following the normal processing of his residence application, the client was issued residence. The client has since relocated to Hamilton to take up a new and exciting role at Waikato Hospital.

Kamil and the team at Idesi Legal really helped me with my immigration case. My case was one in a million- I thought I was too old to get my residence, but Kamil and her team came up with an effective strategy, which got me the result I longed for.

Idesi Legal was easy to approach and gave me very clear guidelines on what they needed, what to expect, and what was happening. I commend them on their punctuality, and easy communication.

Given the level of service I received and the quality of the result, I would say that this was money well spent. Being Indian, I recommend all Indians use Idesi Legal.

If you need clear guidelines on immigration or any other problem- Kamil is one of the best in New Zealand.”

Deepak Kapasi, India

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