Country of Origin: Fiji 


Our client became unlawful when his application for a work visa was wrongfully declined. Immigration New Zealand failed to issue the client a character waiver (despite having done so for a previous application) as the client had not ticked the form to indicate that he had a previous conviction. Immigration New Zealand therefore considered him to be of bad character. The client’s previous representative had requested a visa for the client, once he became unlawful, but Immigration New Zealand refused to issue this. Compliance officers were pursuing the client and his wife to deport them.


We wrote to Immigration New Zealand to outline the flaws with the processing of the work visa application. We made compelling submissions about the reasons to issue the client a visa. We personally worked through the issues with the application with Immigration New Zealand to convince them that even a low level job as a bus driver can contribute to New Zealand’s labour market. Immigration New Zealand has agreed to issue the client and his wife work visas so that he can commence employment as a bus driver in Christchurch.

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