Country of Origin: Fiji


The client initially held a visa on the basis of his partnership with a New Zealand resident. When his wife left him unexpectedly, the client became unlawful. Immigration New Zealand was convinced that the client was of bad character, and refused to entertain his request for a further visa.

While unlawful, the client met and fell in love with a New Zealand citizen who had also just come out of a bad marriage.


Idesi Legal persevered by highlighting to all the relevant authorities how badly the client had been treated over this matter. We spent considerable time with Immigration New Zealand, the Privacy Commissioner, the Ombudsmen and the Compliance Manager, until we were finally able to convince them that the client had been punished enough for events beyond his control. The client and his new partner are now married and working together to take care of the partner’s aging parents. The client is excited that he can finally return home to visit his family, who he has not seen since he became unlawful in 2010. He has recently been issued residence.

“We would like to sincerely thank the Idesi Legal Team for all their help and support that we have received with Pranay’s visa application. He was dealing with Immigration NZ for nearly 5 years before we met Kamil and her Team. Wish we met her sooner.

Times were tough and patience was tested. However, Kamil went through all the obstacles, even to the ombudsman to get my partner a working visa. And 8 months into the working visa, my partner got his Permanent Residency. That is all due to Idesi Legal Team. It is due to their expertise, skills and services that has made my partner a resident of NZ.”

New New Zealanders from Fiji

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