Surain De Silva and family


“After declining my residency application by INZ, I consulted couple of professionals as to see what my next step would be. I was really disappointed and confused. I have not been guided correctly by any immigration advisers. “

“In the meantime, I had the telephone number of Kamil Lakshman given to me by a friend. At that desperate time, I thought of speaking to her. Her approach to my case in the first consultation was unbelievable and gave me positive hope.  She started with extended work visa, EOI and residence application. In this process she advised us not to get stressed and trust in her work. Finally we got our residency on 26th of September, 2014. “

“Long story short, the significance of getting this residency was that the same job offer, same employer and the same contract was used in the first application as well as the second application lodged by Kamil. Second time round, the application was approved. This shows her professional experience and the courageous approach towards her applicants. “

“My recommendation is to those who seeking for immigration advice, Kamil Lakshman and her team comes first. ”

“A big thank you to Kamil and her team for their hard work and professional service given”.

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