Rushya Bhatt, India


“Kamil Lakshman and her team at Idesi have been life saviours for me. Getting a letter of decline from INZ on my Work Visa extension was a significant blow to career as well as my future in NZ.  Right from the minute I explained the case to Kamil, she promptly started assembling information from all sources to support my application, including calling INZ and discussing the issue with my case officer.  

“She always has a friendly approach and her knowledge in the line of work is beyond compare.  From the day I handed over my case to Kamil to the day I got an extension granted by INZ, she always kept assuring me to have faith in her, and to be honest, she was absolutely right. Kamil has got the knowledge, expertise, dedication, and the experience required to deal with the most difficult of INZ cases. Her quality of work is second to none – she can achieve results”

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