One illegal slip can get you into hot immigration waters

 In opinion

illegalHindsight, it is often said, is a great thing.

When we take stock of events and developments, many things that were not apparent at the time of their occurrence come to light.

Such introspection may necessitate changes to our line of thinking, policy and practice.

It is a phase in which we become witnesses rather than being participants.

We become better equipped to see the play before us gaining a big picture perspective.

If you get involved, then the play absorbs you into its realm, making you subjective rather than objective. That is in the nature of things.

Most importantly, we feel sorry for such players whose illegal actions harm others. We cannot be a part of people who are greedy, egotistic and wanting to outdo others. It is their play. We must simply watch and get on with it.

Divine intervention

We should also have an understanding that one is probably accounting for something, better now than later. This understanding and approach will make one stronger. Lucky are those who have such wisdom in and around them. One can only be grateful for the divine intervention, the love of our creator evident in this wisdom.

Those going through immigration challenges and struggles must not lose their perspective or objectives in order not to become victims.

Empowering migrants

Empowerment is needed through these times.

Potential immigrants and those involved in the application process should not forget that there is a larger world out there and the outcome of the immigration process is not the end of all things. Bribes, concealing facts or providing false documents (or agreeing to all these illegal activities) are not the way forward. Dubious deals and dishonesty will only cause more troubles, leading to decline of applications and even long-term impact.

Wrong assumptions

Many people living in developing countries are so desperate to get to New Zealand that they are prepared to go to any extent to achieve their objective. The objective may be desirable but it is equally important that the means to achieve it are fair, just and subject to scrutiny, and not illegal.

It would be wrong to assume that ‘no one will find out,’ for the long arm of the law reaches out sooner or later – and then it is too late to mend.

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