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We are Dunedin-based lawyers specialising in immigration, refugee and property law. Our IDESI LEGAL team has provided migrants and refugees from all over the world with immigration advice and help with New Zealand visas, permits, appeals and citizenship applications since 2003.

If you can’t make it to our IDESI LEGAL Dunedin office at 252 Cumberland Street, Central Dunedin, to see us personally, we can connect with you online and work with you using video calls. Call us on 03 926 9755 to set up a meeting. We’ll organise the rest.

Proven immigration lawyers in Dunedin

Our Dunedin team’s years of experience with the ever-changing hurdles of the New Zealand immigration process means they are well-placed to help you navigate this sometimes tricky path to New Zealand residency. On your behalf, we will work with the relevant branch of Immigration New Zealand to ensure all visa requirements are met and all information is best presented to get you a positive outcome.

We can help you whether you want to immigrate to New Zealand for work, study or business, or if you’re coming to visit beautiful Aotearoa for a shorter period.

Our immigration lawyers in Dunedin specialise in complex cases; we work for migrants and refugees for whom the New Zealand immigration process can be challenging. We also supply legal advice and support for more straightforward immigration matters.

The team at IDESI LEGAL in Dunedin is proven at assisting both employers and applicants with NZ visa applications. Call us on 03 926 9755. We have experienced staff with the expertise necessary in our Dunedin office. They can help.

Accredited Employer Work Visa 

The ‘Accredited Employer Work Visa’ came into effect in July 2022. For jobs paying over 200% of the median wage, which is set at $27.76 per hour, then the role does not have to be advertised. All other jobs have to be advertised and it is important employers get it right when listing job vacancies. 

Job descriptions count and the IDESI LEGAL in Dunedin can help businesses when advertising for these new roles. Please contact Idesi Legal if you need assistance. Our immigration team can manage all the details throughout the entire process wherever you are in Otago. We can connect with you online and work with you using video calls. 

Changes to New Zealand work to residency visas

New Zealand now has a new Green List of 85 hard-to-fill, high-skill roles that provide a pathway to NZ residency. People who work in one of the Green List occupations, such as health workers, vets, engineers, tradespeople, and ICT specialists, and have a job offer from an accredited employer, can come to New Zealand on a work visa and apply for residence if they meet the criteria. 

However, it is not simply a matter of matching an immigrant and job title; the Green List is a very narrowly defined list so get in touch. Our team to work with you to prevent ‘a good case from going bad”. It is sometimes it is only a small error that can compromise a migrant’s entire immigration status in New Zealand, resulting in a long costly battle.

How can Idesi Legal, Dunedin, help with the Green List?

If you’re an employer in Dunedin or Otago, IDESI LEGAL can assess the applicants’ qualifications and see whether they have comparable New Zealand qualifications for the role.

If you’re applying to work in the South Island, we can advise on whether a job offer meets work to residency requirements, including income thresholds, whether you’re eligible for the job, and what that may mean for your partner. We can explore what other visa options are open to you if needed.

We can connect right across Otago

For assistance with an application, contact the Idesi Legal team. We’re immigration lawyers in Dunedin, but even if we can’t meet face to face, we can still connect and help. IDESI LEGAL uses Microsoft Teams, so we can help you with your visa inquiries wherever you are in Otago. We’ll send you a link, you click on it, and we’ll do the rest.

As a law firm, we observe ethical guidelines and the code of conduct governed by the New Zealand Law Society. As lawyers, we are exempted from the Immigration Advisors regime under the Immigration Advisors Licensing Act 2007. If you’re based anywhere in Otago, call us on 03 926 9755. IDESI LEGAL has successfully represented people through all types of visa application processes and the IDESI LEGAL team will be able to help. 

As Immigration law specialists we take the worry and stress out of the New Zealand Immigration process.

Call Idesi Legal in Dunedin on 03 926 9755.

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