2021 Residency Visa for  horticultural workers

2021 Residency Visa for Hawke’s Bay horticultural workers

The one-off Resident Visa is a simplified pathway to residency in NZ announced in late 2021. The new rules from NZI will impact as many as 165,000 migrants to New Zealand. Working in a ‘specified role in primary industries’ listed on a government ‘scare list’ is one of the criteria for being eligible for the new Resident Visa announced in 2021.

IDESI LEGAL can assist you. The team of immigration lawyers at IDESI LEGAL in Wellington has the training and experience to help with all types of New Zealand residency visa applications. Call us on 04 461 6018.

Horticultural workers are on the scarce list 

Under the 2021 residency visa scheme, around 9,000 primary industry workers and their immediate family members can become NZ residents. 

As a horticultural worker in the Hawke’s Bay working in the orchards, pack houses, market gardens and vineyards in Napier, Havelock, Hastings, and Te Awanga, you fulfil a specified primary sector job. Hawke’s Bay will require 1,140 more permanent workers and 3,570 seasonal workers by 2030. 

Crops and horticultural workers in the Hawke’s Bay

Winter – Pipfruit or summerfruit orchard development, grape propagation, vegetable planting and cultivating of squash and onions.

Spring – Apple thinning, machine planting, and cultivation of summer crops, such as corn, squash and onions.

Summer – Summerfruit picking, for example. nectarines, peaches, plums, cherries, and packing. Berry picking, apple thinning, vegetable harvesting.

Autumn – Apple kiwifruit harvest, summerfruit and grape harvest. Fruit Packing, particularly apples.

If you are on an Essential Skills, Work to Residence, and Post Study Work visa and are currently employed, you can apply for a one-off 2021 Resident Visa. All applications must be submitted before 31 July 2022.

If you’re working in Napier or Hastings, call us on 09 283 0157. We specialise in New Zealand immigration law. We have the staff, experience and expertise to help you successfully apply for New Zealand residency.

We can connect right across the Hawke’s Bay

Even if we can’t meet face to face, we can still connect and help. IDESI LEGAL uses Microsoft Teams, so we can help you with your visa application wherever you are in the Hawke’s Bay. We’ll send you a link, you click on it, and we’ll do the rest.

Who can apply for the one off Residence Visa?

There is no age limit or English language requirement. However, the principal applicant must be on an eligible visa at the time of application. 

For example, if you’ve been working as a landscaper, a gardener, or as a horticultural worker doing the pruning, thinning, picking and packing of the kiwifruit, apples, grapes, vegetables and stonefruit in the Hawke’s Bay, we can help you apply to become a New Zealand resident.

What is the scarce list?

One of the eligibility requirements for the 2021 residency visa is that you must work in a job on a scarce list. If you find your job in the list below, you might qualify for the New 2021 Resident Visa.

  • Agricultural and horticultural mobile plant operator
  • Arborist
  • Cotton grower
  • Crop farm workers 
  • Environmental consultant
  • Environmental engineer
  • Environmental manager
  • Environmental research scientist
  • Environmental scientists 
  • Farm, forestry and garden workers
  • Florist
  • Forest scientist (NZ)
  • Forestry worker
  • Fruit and vegetable factory worker
  • Fruit and vegetable packer
  • Fruit or nut farm worker
  • Fruit or nut picker
  • Gardener (general)
  • Field crop farm worker 
  • Grape grower
  • Greenskeeper
  • Horticultural nursery assistant
  • Landscape gardener
  • Mixed crop and livestock farm worker
  • Mushroom picker
  • Nursey persons
  • Tree faller
  • Turf grower
  • Market garden worker
  • Vegetable picker
  • Vineyard worker
  • Wine maker
  • Winery cellar hand

Are all horticultural workers guaranteed New Zealand Residence Visa?

Not everyone will qualify for the one-off Resident Visa. There are qualifications and restrictions that will need to be met and there is a cap on the number of applicants at 165,000, including partners and children

In addition to the eligible work visa criteria, workers also need to be:

  • Settled. You need to have in NZ for 3 years or more (arrived in New Zealand on or before 29/9/2018 and spent a minimum of 821 days in here between 29/9/2018 and 29/9/2021)
  • Skilled. You need to be earning the median wage ($27 per hour or higher) when your residency visa application is lodged
  • Scarce. You need to be working in a job that appears on the approved scarce occupation lists on 29/9/2021 and when your residency visa application is lodged.

How much does the 2021 One Off Resident Visa cost?

The application fee is $2,160 including GST and the immigration levy.

Is the 2021 one off Residence Visa application simple?

Most importantly, a 2021 resident visa is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You must get your application correct. 

You need to get this right the first time

A poorly completed application could fail, so you may run out of time to resubmit anything before the application date on 31 July 2022.

It is vital that your application is a prepared quickly and everything is done properly. We recommend that all migrants who are serious about gaining residency in NZ have qualified legal representation throughout the 2021 residency visa application process. Call us on 04 461 6018 to set up a meeting.

This is a limited opportunity. Get in touch today for a free assessment with one of our friendly and knowledgeable immigration lawyers. Our Wellington immigration lawyers can also accurately assess and advise on whether family members both within and outside New Zealand can be included in your application.

Don’t delay. Our immigration team can manage all details through the entire process. We can connect with you online and work with you using video calls. 

If you’re working on an orchard, vineyard or market garden in Napier, Havelock, Hastings, Bridge Pa and Te Awanga, you’re a valuable worker, and we need you!

What if I don’t qualify for this new residence visa?

People holding working holiday visas, partnership work visas, and specific purpose work visas (SPV) are among those who are not eligible to apply. 

But don’t panic. Talk to one of our experienced immigration lawyers about exploring alternative pathways to New Zealand residence. IDESI LEGAL has successfully represented people who have had these visa application issues in the past. The IDESI LEGAL team may still be able to help. 

At IDESI LEGAL we provide help for migrants to New Zealand. If you’re a horticultural worker in the Hawke’s Bay looking to apply for the 2021 residency visa, get in touch.

Call 04 461 6018 for expert visa application support.

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