Immigration rhetoric continues as people suffer

 In opinion

DiscussionIssues relating to Immigration invoke emotional responses.

The fear of displacement, the fear of the unknown, and the state of being threatened are usually behind such emotions.

Somehow gross injustices can be found acceptable. A high threshold of tolerance of injustice exists, helped along by convincing rhetoric to justify actions and responses.

It takes much time, soul searching, and possibly a fresh pair of eyes to see that behind the rhetoric there might be no substance. Empirical research does not support it. There is no valid rationale. It is a response that came from a place of fear. In some cases, it is sold as fact.

The public buy it.

Unfair situation

What happens is not fair or right.

With time, some injustices are rectified, but only a rare few get compensation. Sometimes, the injustice itself never surfaces. It remains buried under paperwork and the flow of time.

History repeats itself in some other form. The blanket of desperation and hopelessness smothers. Those who find themselves in such a predicament provide a field-day for the unscrupulous. There is no shortage of such victims.

Interesting opinions

Public responses are interesting to observe, particularly opinions, each with their own quirks. Some say, “so what, it is none of my business,’ or “we did well, why aren’t they?”

According to a few, “It is their problem if they had expectations. They should have researched better since everything is available on the Internet. Some migrants are so desperate that they are prepared to do anything to get to New Zealand and come into this country knowing what is in store for them. They should not complain if things are not so rosy. They deserve what they get.”

These are reactions and opinions to the symptoms rather than the issues on hand.

Vested interests

I was recently told by some with vested interests that I should not rock the boat, and that the road marked ‘No Entry’ provides us with work and opportunity.

“What is there to worry about? We are benefiting.”

The ways of the world continue to fascinate me. What have we become, benefiting from the misery of others with glee?

We are in the business of protecting our borders. This is every country’s prerogative, but are we also protecting our pockets? Or are we filling them up in a deliberate fashion?

The rhetoric continues, nothing changes and business continues as usual.

This is the world in which we live.

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